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Guidelines for the Incorporation of a Woodfuel Supplementary Module into Existing Household Surveys in Developing Countries

The purpose of these Guidelines is to develop a tool named the Woodfuel Supplementary Module (WSM), to be incorporated in existing national household surveys. The ultimate goal is to enable developing countries to gather accurate data on woodfuel production and consumption, the sustainability of its production, and related socio-economic and health outcomes.


Informe Final Encuesta Piloto de Combustibles de Madera – EPICOMAD. Incorporación del Módulo de Combustibles de Madera en Encuestas Existentes en Países en Desarrollo

This Working Paper describes the results of the Woodfuel Pilot Survey (EPICOMAD), which was implemented in Ecuador in November 2017 as part of the activities designed to test the Woodfuel Survey Module.




How to Include the Woodfuel Supplementary Module into Existing Surveys and Derive Woodfuel Indicators

The goals of this Technical Report are to introduce a revised version of the short form and the long form of the WSM; to describe the proposed methodology to incorporate the WSM into existing surveys; and to describe the indicators of consumption and production of woodfuel that can be derived from the data collected.