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Grain Stocks Estimation through Secondary Data sources-The Case of Zambia

The overall goal of the study is to test the methodology and the approach developed by the Agriculture Market Information System (AMIS) project, which outlined the use of available data to estimate certain critical variables on food balance sheets, especially Carry-in Stocks (also called Carry-over stocks), and Production.


Measuring Crop Area and Yield under Pure Stand, Mixed and Continuous Cropping: Findings from the Field Tests in three countries

This Working Paper provides findings of field tests conducted  in three countries i.e. Indonesia, Rwanda and Jamaica on the basis of the methodology developed by the team at ICAR-IASRI for the estimation of crop area, yield and production under mixed and continuous cropping.


Gap Analysis on Improving Methods for Estimating Crop Area, Yield and Production under Mixed, Repeated and Continuous Cropping

This report is the second in the series which describes the gap analysis that exists in the context of crop area and yield estimation, and in general, focuses more on crop area and yield estimation in the mixed and continuous cropping scenario.