CAPI e-learning course on Using Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing for Agricultural Surveys

The CAPI e-learning course on agricultural surveys is targeted to Decision Makers, Survey Managers, Questionnaire Designers, Trainers of Field Staff, and Data Analysts. The objectives of the course are the following:

1. Assist Decision Makers to decide if upgrading to CAPI from traditional paper questionnaires is the best choice for a particular survey.

2. Train staff to design surveys which leverage advanced CAPI features for error checking to collect high quality data.

3. Train staff to create, assign, and manage samples to optimize field operations, data management, and reduce costs.

4. Train staff to manage equipment such as tablets and server to reduce costs, maximize the security of their data, and lifespan of equipment.

5. Train data analysts to monitor data quality, field operations, and generate results quickly when data collection is complete.

The course focuses on Survey Solutions CAPI sofware which is completely free, and user-friendly.