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With the advent of the African agenda for 2063 as well as the global agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs), the need for monitoring and reporting on these regional and global indicators has put more pressure on the member States in Africa. Centrefold to the reporting and indicators development is the capacity of agencies responsible for the production and analysis of statistics and data in the respective countries. Within this need of capacity, training on newly developed methods and technologies is prominent. In order to respond to these regional and global development agenda, member States to primarily strengthen their human resource capacities in the respective agencies responsible for various sectoral statistics and Data. To complement this, statistical training centres at national, sub-regional and regional levels need to be equipped with the recent and state of the art curricula and systems for providing capacity development for the respective target countries and agencies.
The African Group on Statistics Training and Human Resource Development, established in 2009 under the aegis of the Statistical Commission for Africa (StatCom-Africa) to coordinate various initiatives on statistical training in Africa, advocates for strengthen statistical training and human resources development in the continent in order to attain the above stated end results. Under the auspices of these evolving demands for strengthen capacities of member States, the Group envisages to further continue promoting and engaging towards ensuring that statistical training and human resources development are at the highest of priorities of development interventions in the region and the respective countries in Africa.

Objectives of AGROST

The main objective of AGROST is to coordinate statistical training and human resource development activities and initiatives in Africa by monitoring ongoing activities and initiatives, conducting project planning and aligning the support of technical and financial partners with statistical training. The specific objectives are to:

  • Centralize information on initiatives and programmes on statistical training and ensure their monitoring
  • Ensure the existence of a permanent forum for exchanging information and best practices on statistical training and human resource development in African national statistical systems
  • The scope of the work of the Group includes initial training and continuous learning (on-the job training)

AGROST Work plan 2018

Planned Activities for AGROST in 2018

In order to further strengthen the activities and influence of the group on statistical training and capacity development in the continent, the following four core activities have been planned for implementation in the upcoming year.

  • Improving the visibility and communication of the group:
    In order to advocate for and increase the visibility of the group, a website containing detailed information and activities of AGROST. The website will be developed within the framework of the training component of the global strategy: Action plan for Africa.
  • AGROST membership revival strategy and activities:
    The membership of AGROST has remained static since its establishment. In order to bring in more dynamisms into the activities of the group and expand its reach, it is essential to strengthen its membership by networking with the regional and sub-regional as well as global organizations. It is planned to introduce AGROST on upcoming regional events and workshops. This is also going to be augmented by hosting AGROST sponsored events at the aegis of other regional trainings and workshops within the framework of the training component implementation.
  • Resource mobilization for strengthening the activities of the group
    With the aim of strengthening the secretariat of AGROST and its activist, it is imperative to raise some resources to finance these activities. As a result, a resource mobilization strategy shall be developed and implemented for the year 2018.
  • Publishing a report on the activities of the group
    An overall report on the performance of the group, its historical progression as well as envisaged goals and objectives will be produced and published in 2018. This report is going to be circulated on the various regional and global events in order to feature AGROST further.

Members’ Representatives of AGROST

Technical and financial partners (TFP):

Leadership of AGROST

President of AGROST

Dr. Hughes Kouadio
Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Statistique et d’Economie Appliqué (ENSEA) – Abidjan

AGROST Secretariat

Joseph Tinfissi Ilboudo
Statistical Development Section, African Center for Statistics

Ibrahim Mamma
Programme Management for the Training Component of Global Strategy: Action plan for Africa,
Statistical Development Section, African Center for Statistic