Training Course to enhance Fishery and Aquaculture Statistics

This training material on the collection of small-scale fishery and aquaculture statistics is designed to bring together the persons within national statistical systems who are responsible for producing small-scale fishery and aquaculture statistics. The training therefore targets decision-makers in agriculture or fishery ministries and National Statistical Offices (NSOs), survey managers, trainers of field staff, data analysts, researchers, teaching staff and students at training centres of statistics and agriculture or fisheries.

Users’ Guide – English Download


Session 1 –  General Introduction – English Download

Session 2 – Refresher on Biostatistics – English  Download

Session 3 – Data collection and sampling methods – English Download

Session 4 – Producing SSF statistics – English Download

Session 5 – Obtaining SSF and  aquaculture statistics through a household approach – English Download

Session 6 – Technology tools to support data collection, compilation and analysis – English Download

Session 7 – Exercises – English Download


Exercise 1- Basic data screening identifying outlier – English Download

Exercise 2 – Computing means, std deviation and relative error – English Download

Exercise 3 – Computing Effort, CPUE and Total Catch – English Download

Exercise 4 – Comparing CPUEs – ANOVA – English Download

Thematic Domains:
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