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Conceptual Framework

Guidelines for the Integrated Survey Framework

The growing demand by policymakers and decision makers for statistics based on information that is interlinked in economic, social, and environmental aspects requires the large-scale expansion of national efforts to implement statistical surveys, in terms of organization and budget. Therefore, the collection of data by integrating information from different sources is becoming a crucial requirement for the production of statistics.


Guidelines for the In-depth Country Assessment (IdCA)

These guidelines are the result of a comprehensive effort to develop a standard methodology to assess countries’ capacity to produce agricultural statistics. The presented methodology takes into account previous similar international efforts for building standard frameworks to assess statistical systems’ capacity and data quality.


Technical Report on the Integrated Survey Framework

Under the research component of Global Strategy, significant progress has been made towards the development and the implementation of an Integrated Survey Framework. Research mainly focused on developing countries with the objective of producing integrated and consistent agricultural statistics on phenomena related to three different target populations from rural households, farms and agricultural plots.