Report on the Implementation of the Global Strategy approved by UN Statistical Commission (UNSC)

On the occasion of the 46th Session of the United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC), held on 3-6 March 2015, a report of the Global Steering Committee on the implementation of the Global Strategy was presented and successfully endorsed as follows.

The Statistical Commission:

a)         Congratulated the Global Steering Committee on the excellent work done, took note with appreciation of the significant progress made in implementing all key components of the Global strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics and endorsed the report, the proposed priorities and the way forward;
b)         Recognized the excellent work done in accelerating the production of cost-effective methodologies, handbooks and guidelines and appreciated the efforts of the regional implementing partners in providing the technical assistance and training needed by countries to respond to national, regional and international data demands;

c)         Expressed its strong support for the efforts made by the Global Strategy in ensuring a better coordination of international initiatives in the field of capacity development for agricultural statistics;
d)         Urged countries and development partners to further support the implementation of the Global Strategy and mobilize the resources needed for achieving the main objectives of the first phase of the programme until 2017 in developing countries;
e)         Asked the Global Strategy to support short and long-term sustainable training to countries and support them in raising the financial resources required to undertake the necessary data collection activities.