Jamaica and Rwanda leverage Global Office research to improve crop statistics

The primary objective of the research component is to develop cost-effective methods that can be adopted downstream to improve agricultural statistics.

However, experience by the Global Office during in-country testing shows that pilot countries often experience an accelerated benefit from their participation by receiving advanced training and integrating the methods into their systems immediately after testing.

Methodological experiments on measuring crop area and yield were implemented by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and fisheries (MICAF) of Jamaica and the National Institute of Statistics Rwanda (NISR). As part of the experiment, the Indian Agricultural Statistical Research Institute (IASRI) provided training on the crop cutting technique for production measurement, and Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) for data collection.

After the successful conclusion of the experiments, both NISR and MICAF decided to incorporate crop cutting into their crop yield estimation methodology for the first time. Furthermore, the institutions plan to use the CAPI training and equipment to collect data for other surveys. NISR and MICAF believe that the implementation of these new tools and methods will have a positive impact on the quality of agricultural statistics and reduce time formerly spent on data verification and analyses.