Global Strategy launches AGRIS pilot survey in Ghana

The Global Office (GO) of the Global Strategy, in collaboration with the Ghana Statistical Services (GSS) and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), has launched the AGRIS pilot survey in four selected districts of the Ashanti Region in Ghana.

The pilot survey’s main objective is to implement four sets of customized and integrated AGRIS questionnaires (CORE+ECO, CORE+LABOR, CORE+MEA and CORE+PME). In each of the four districts selected, one of the integrated questionnaires will be administered. During this survey, a total of 450 agricultural holdings from the household and the non-household sector will be covered.

Prior to launching the survey, a two-week training course on AGRIS data collection tools was conducted for 19 enumerators and 6 supervisors expected to participate in the data collection process. This training mainly covered the introduction of CAPI through Survey Solutions, an explanation of the concepts and definitions covered in the survey, an explanation of the CAPI questionnaire navigation and practical simulations carried out by the enumerators and supervisors in the classroom. In addition to the practice of administering the questionnaires in local languages, the trained enumerators and supervisors were given a chance to perform a practical field exercise of two days. During the exercise, they conducted interviews with households in the Gamoa Denkyira and Gomoa Dawurapong villages of the West Gomoa districts. Experts from the GO facilitated the training sessions and assisted the GSS and the MoFA throughout the training.

The actual field data collection is scheduled to start on 29 January 2018 and is expected to last about 28 days. Once the data collection is completed, the next step will be for the GO, the GSS and the MoFA to work on the data analysis and produce district-level reports for the four districts selected.