Global Office hosts expert meeting on Farm Typology

The Global Office organized an expert meeting on Farm Typology at FAO headquarters in Rome on 25-26 January.

Participants included experts from Azerbaijan, Hungary, Lebanon, Morocco, Zambia, FAO and the European Commission. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the draft guidelines on Farm Typology and finalize the organization of country tests. The guidelines provide countries with the tools and methodology for calculating the variables that are needed to develop dimensions of farm typology.

The presentations delivered by Hungary, Morocco and Azerbaijan highlighted the relevance of farm typology for better and more targeted agricultural policy-making as well as for monitoring and evaluating development programmes. FAO presented the approach proposed for the definition of small-scale food producers within the context of SDG 2.3. The World Agriculture Watch (WAW), an initiative aimed at improving information systems on family farms for better policy-making, was presented with some country examples. The presentation highlighted the importance of jointly analyzing the economic and social aspects of the farming unit, the structure and the performance, and the agricultural and non-agricultural incomes.

There was an agreement on the proposed dimensions linked to legal status, market orientation, economic farm size and commodity specialization. Building blocks related to diversification activities of the agricultural holding and the pluriactivity of the members of agricultural households should also be integrated in the typology framework. The proposed dimensions will be structured with the variables identified in the guidelines. In addition, countries should have the possibility to add nationally relevant lower levels.

The methodology proposed in the draft guidelines will be tested in four countries and the lessons learned from these tests will provide useful inputs for the finalization of the guidelines.