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ASEAN Stakeholders’ Meeting on the implementation of the Global Strategy and Eighth Meeting of Agricultural Statistics DGs in ASEAN countries

The objective of the meeting was to share the Global Strategy’s progress and challenges/good examples with the ASEAN countries and stakeholders, and to discuss the appropriate sub-regional structure and a future statistics strategy to be mainstreamed at sub-regional level to enhance initiatives and functions of sub-regional institutions.


Guidelines for the Integrated Survey Framework

The growing demand by policymakers and decision makers for statistics based on information that is interlinked in economic, social, and environmental aspects requires the large-scale expansion of national efforts to implement statistical surveys, in terms of organization and budget. Therefore, the collection of data by integrating information from different sources is becoming a crucial requirement for the production of statistics.


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Join us in New York for our 2 Side Events of the 46th UN Statistical Commission

On the occasion of the 46th session of the United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC), a report of the Global Steering Committee on the implementation of the Global Strategy will be presented for discussion, along with a summary of activities of the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on Agricultural and Rural Statistics on food consumption, and a report on the FAO 2020 World Programme for the Census of Agriculture.