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Measuring vegetable crops area and production: Technical report on a pilot survey in two districts of Ghana

The Report introduces and discusses the problem of measuring area and yield of vegetable crops, by exploring and testing methods such as farmer inquiry and objectives measurement and to propose a methodology for the production of data and statistics. A pilot test has been performed in two selected districts in Ghana to assess the methodology and the workability of the methods.


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Potential use of Blockchain for Livestock Statistics in Vietnam

This technical report is the result of a study conducted in close collaboration with the General Statistical Office of Vietnam (GSO), the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam (MARD), TE-FOOD and the Australian Commonwealth Research Centre (CSIRO-Data 61). The objectives were to contribute to a better understanding of the applications of blockchain technology and its implications for the official statisticians in the livestock sector, to analyse the feasibility and the sustainability of using information available on the blockchain from an official statistical perspective, on the basis of the systems put in place by TE-FOOD in the pig sector in Vietnam and to make recommendations, discuss possible improvements and propose a further research agenda.


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