AMIS and Bangladesh join efforts to improve crop forecasting

The AMIS project, in collaboration with Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, organized an international seminar on “Approaches and Methodologies for Crop Monitoring and Production Forecasting” in Dhaka (Bangladesh) from 25 – 26 May 2016.

Participants included 80 experts, of which 24 were from different countries and shared their experiences.

In addition to the inaugural session, which was attended by senior government officials from Bangladesh, there were five technical sessions and 27 technical papers were presented. The papers mainly illustrated global initiatives on the following topics: crop monitoring and forecasting, remote sensing applications in crop-monitoring, agro-meteorology based crop monitoring, crop monitoring and production estimation using survey and administrative data as well as crop simulation and modelling based on diverse sets of data.

The seminar concluded with a panel discussion, which served to draw conclusions and outline some main points for the way forward. Accordingly, most of the panelists emphasized the importance of setting up a multi-disciplinary working team in order to establish an effective crop production system in the country. It was also underlined that combining different approaches (ground survey, crop modelling and satellite information) would improve the production forecast. Finally, the panelists pointed out that countries should decide on the priorities and objectives related to user needs and should ensure a political backup for sustaining the system.