Working towards improving Cost of Production Statistics in the Seychelles

The Government of Seychelles had expressed its need for technical assistance to collect and compile data on Agricultural Cost of Production (AgCoP).

As a response to this request, the Global Office conducted a  mission in the Seychelles to assess the specific country needs in terms of AgCoP Statistics and establish a roadmap for future technical assistance activities in the framework of the African Regional Action Plan.

During the mission several meetings took place with the different stakeholders involved in AgCoP Statistics for crops, fisheries and livestock. Stakeholders included officers from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, the Seychelles Agricultural Agency and the Seychelles Fisheries Authorities.

The Seychelles officers and the Global Strategy representatives agreed on a workplan for technical assistance activities, which includes two pilot tests. The first pilot test for crops and livestock production will involve a revision of the existing agricultural survey and the addition of a set of questions that will allow the collection of the data needed to compile cost of production indicators for crops and livestock. The second pilot test will include the design of a questionnaire to collect data on fisheries’ cost of production. Training sessions on data collection and analysis will also be organized for the enumerators and for the analysts. The input from the Seychelles’ pilot project will feed into the handbook and help improve the data analysis tool that is being developed by the Global Strategy.