Upcoming Methodological Publications resulting from Global Strategy Research Activities

The Research programme of the Action Plan to Implement the Global Strategy includes a large number of activities to develop cost-effective methods for producing reliable and timely agricultural statistics. The results of these research activities are to be used as a basis to develop guidelines that will be adopted and used by countries, consultants and training institutions.

The workplan 2014 of the Global Office includes 20 methodological research topics and several important technical reports or draft guidelines which are already available. Many of the documents have been reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of the Global Strategy and peer reviewed by other senior experts. For some of the research topics, field tests will be organized before final results can be included in the guidelines and handbooks.

In order to enable countries and partners to benefit from results already available at an early stage, it has been decided to establish a Technical Reports Series for widely disseminating available technical reports and advanced draft guidelines and handbooks.

In parallel to conducting research activities, the Interim Research Coordinator is working closely with Senior/ Lead Consultants and Experts, authors of the technical papers,  to revise and edit them for publication and dissemination. Handbooks and Guidelines are also in the process of being finalized.

The following publications are expected to be published by the end of 2014:

  • Technical Report on Developing More Efficient and Accurate Methods for the Use of Remote Sensing in Agricultural Statistics
  • e-Learning Material for Linking Population and Agricultural Censuses
  • Guidelines to develop a satellite System of Environmental Economic Account for Agriculture- SEEA-Agri
  • Guidelines on Integrated Survey Frameworks
  • Draft Handbook for Methodologies on Master Sampling Frames
  • Draft Report for improving Estimates of Staple Crops Utilization
  • Guidelines on Methods for using existing Land cover / Land Use Databases in Agricultural Statistics
  • Guidelines on the Collection of Aquaculture and Fisheries Statistics through a Census Framework
  • Guidelines on Best Practices on Nomadic Livestock
  • Guidelines on Agricultural Classifications
  • Guidelines on the Estimation of GHG Emissions from Agriculture
  • Technical Report on Spatial Disaggregation, Integration of Geo Info-Geo-Ref. Survey Data