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Rationale of the Training Component click here

Objectives of the Training Component

To strengthen the capacity of agencies engaged in collection, compilation and use of agricultural dissemination statistics.
Producers/Users: by increasing the knowledge, skills and competencies of their staff
STCs: by strengthening their capacity to develop and deliver good quality training in agricultural statistics.

Expected Outcomes

Enhanced capacity of training centers in Africa to supply effective and high-quality education and training in subjects of concern to agricultural statistics.

Increased knowledge, skills, and competencies of the people working in organizations concerned with the collection, compilation, dissemination and use of agricultural statistics, leading to improved data coverage, quality, and use.

The Sub-components of the Training Component


IDENTIFYING TRAINING NEEDS AND MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES. Technical assistance will be provided to countries to enable organizations producing agricultural statistics to identify their priority needs for training and to improve the management of their hu- man resources.


INCREASING THE CAPACITY OF AFRICAN TRAINING CENTERS. The capacity of regional and national training centers to design and deliver effective training courses in line with needs will be increased.


STRENGTHENING THE DEMAND FOR TRAINING FROM AGRICULTURAL STATISTICS AGENCIES IN AFRICA by increasing the knowledge, skills, and competencies of people working in agricultural statistics agencies.