Training Course on Post-Harvest Losses – French

This material for in-classroom training on the measurement of harvest and post-harvest losses for food grain targets decision makers, survey managers, questionnaire designers, trainers of field staff and data analysts interested or involved in the measurement of food losses.

Users’ Guide – French Download


Session 1 –  Conceptual framework and definitions – French Download

Session 2 – Measuring grain losses on a farm –  French  Download

Session 3 – Analysis of losses at the lab – French Download

Session 4 – Sampling design – French Download

Session 5 – Loss assessment through experimental design-field trial – French Download

Session 6 – Loss assessment through modelling – French  Download


Post-Harvest Losses Questionnaire – Namibia off-farm – French Download

Post-Harvest Losses Questionnaire – Namibia on-farm – French  Download

Thematic Domains:
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