Third meeting of the Regional Steering Committee (RSTC) of the Africa Action Plan (2011-2017)

The 3rd RSTC Meeting of the Action Plan for Improving Statistics for Food Security, Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development in Africa was held from 30 April to 1 May 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya. The objectives  of the  meeting were to (i) review the progress made in the implementation of the Action Plan, (ii) discuss and endorse the Country Assessment results, (iii) discuss and approve the 2014 regional work plan and budget, and (iv) discuss and agree on improved coordination arrangements for the implementation of the Action Plan.

The meeting was attended by representatives of AfDB, the Global Office/FAO, UNECA, the Chair of AFCAS (Morocco), the Chair of StatCom-Africa (Ghana), a Statistical Training Centre representative (ENSEA-Abidjan), BMGF, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

The RSTC approved the 2014 work plan and budget, and endorsed the release of a report on assessments of African countries’ capacity  to produce agricultural statistics. In addition, the Committee (i) supported the Global Office’s proposal to simplify the Global Strategy’s Governance mechanism; (ii) approved the newly proposed  Governance mechanism for the Action Plan for Africa; (iii) recommended to enhance and sustain resource mobilization efforts by diversifying approaches and opportunities; (iv) provided guidance on the effective coordination of the implementation of the Action Plan and; (v) renewed its membership and composition, with a proposal for new Co-Chairs of the RSTC, represented by Uganda and Cabo Verde.

The next RSTC meeting is scheduled to take place in November 2014 in Tunis or Kampala.

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