The Global Office hosts a round of meetings on Global Strategy research themes in April

The Global Office is pleased to announce that a series of expert meetings are set to take place in Rome at FAO headquarters on 13-17 April 2015.

The meetings fall under the research component of the Global Strategy and are related to the following lines of research:

  • Improving Methods for Estimating Crop Area, Yield, and Production Under Mixed, Repeated, and Continuous Cropping
  • Improving Methods for Estimating post-harvest losses
  • Effective Use of Administrative Data to Improve Agricultural Statistics

The meetings will present a unique platform for discussion on the above mentioned research lines as well as an opportunity to peer review the technical reports that have been produced to date and develop field test protocols. Field test protocols are central to the Global Strategy’s research component as they define and prioritize the most promising cost-effective methodologies to be tested in the field. In this respect, participants coming from diverse backgrounds will ensure that the methods proposed in the technical reports and field test protocol meet the rigor demanded by academia and remain relevant to statisticians in developing countries.

Attendees of each meeting will include over 25 experts from academia, governments, and international organizations coming from all over the world.