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Rural Statistics

Guidelines on defining rural areas and compiling indicators for development policy

These Guidelines aim to support decisions about rural development policy by offering concepts and methods to improve the quality, availability, and use of statistics. The Guidelines present and explain how to construct a rural definition that is useful for organizing statistical information about rural areas.


Pilot tests of an international definition of urban – rural territories. Summary report

The Technical Report aims to develop an international definition of rural areas and indicators of rural development. This summary report pilot tests were analytical desktop assessments carried out in seven countries with the cooperation of the National Statistical Offices (Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, France, Malaysia, Pakistan and the United States of America).


Global Strategy to improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics. Methodology for definition and spatial delimitation of rural areas

This Technical Report aims to present the methodology implemented for the spatial delimitation and production of statistics of rural areas and the results obtained.


Annex 8 – Atlas of Dominant Rural Typology Classes for Test Countries Download

Annex 9 – Atlas of Rural Typologies Maps for Test Countries Download