Research and capacity development go hand in hand for the “Measuring Decent Work Study” in Kenya

During June and July 2017, the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) and the Global Office (GO) implemented a study comparing different methods to measure decent work in rural areas. The study was leveraged to develop capacity in KNBS to use CAPI technology (i.e. Survey Solutions). This responds directly to Strategic Goals 2 and 3 of the KNBS Strategic Plan for Agricultural and Rural Statistics in the area of improving statistical ICT infrastructure and capacity-strengthening.

GO staff traveled to Kenya in June to provide a 5-day initial training on Survey Solutions to KNBS headquarters staff. They returned to carry out enumerator training, pretest, and work with KNBS to set up the CAPI system to carry out the pilot.  The study covered 540 households in rural areas in Machakos, Kaimbu, and Muranga counties. The objective is to compare methods for measuring adequate employment in rural households based on quality, skills and irregularity of work.

KNBS staff has fully utilized the data collection application, case management, quality control, and communication features of Survey Solutions to collect excellent quality data. All interviews were completed successfully on time and the results will be incorporated into guidelines on Measuring Decent Work in Agriculture, expected to be published next year.

KNBS is carefully considering to scale up the use of Survey Solutions for upcoming surveys.