Recent Regional Meetings in Asia-Pacific

The Global Strategy in Asia-Pacific organized a week of learning, reviewing and knowledge-sharing meetings as it steps forward to reach its ambitious goals in the final year of its initial five-year mandate in the region. 

Held from 14 to 17 November, the meeting week brought together partners, experts and representatives from participating countries, to cover a great number of agricultural statistics related issues, ranging from preparedness of the GS countries to monitor the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to utilization of new cost effective methods developed under the framework of the Global Strategy.

Two days of the week were specifically dedicated to SDGs and technical assistance.  The Workshop on Statistical Capacity of countries to monitor the Sustainable Development Goals related to Agricultural and Rural Statistics also featured remote presentations from FAO Rome on the status of methodologies for SDG indicators, as well as country group work focused on Asia Pacific countries’ capacity to meet data requirements for the SDGs.  The Adoption of New Cost Effective Methods under the Global Strategy meeting presented new GS methodologies, followed by country group work on the relevance of the methodologies and technical assistance and training requirements to address country challenges and improve capacity.

The week culminated in the sixth GS Asia Pacific Regional Steering Committee (RSC) meeting, which focused on this year’s accomplishments, the endorsement of the 2017 workplan, and the election of the new RSC Chair and Deputy Chairs. Mr. Savanh Hanephom, Deputy Director General of the Lao PDR Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, will act as the new Chair and Mr. Kencho Thinley, Chief Planning Officer at the Policy and Planning Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (Bhutan) as the new Deputy Chair. The RSC recognized the significance of the GS in Asia Pacific moving into its last year of operation, and agreed to collaborate diligently during this final stage.