Outcomes of the 12th Meeting of the Global Steering Committee (GSC)

The 12th meeting of the GSC took place on the 23rd of February 2016 via teleconference. The meeting started with a presentation on the decisions of the latest Global Executive Board Meeting, during which the 2016 work plan and budget for Asia-Pacific were presented and endorsed.

Following on the meeting, the team leader of the evaluation team responsible for conducting the mid-term evaluation between June and November 2015 delivered a presentation on the main findings of the evaluation. The presentation’s purpose was to inform GSC members about the key technical, financial, operational and organizational findings made by the team, including key recommendations and main conclusions. As a result, the GSC endorsed the mid-term evaluation report and the management’s response.

After the endorsement of the Global Office work plan for 2016, and as a consequence of the additional funding received by DFID, a revision of the Global Office’s integrated budget 2013-2017, logical framework and allocation of funds for the Global office and the Asia-pacific region for 2016 was presented and endorsed by the GSC.

Finally, a proposal for the establishment of a Task Team, which will be responsible for preparing the second implementation phase of the Global Strategy, was presented and endorsed by the GSC.