Ongoing Work of the Task Team on the preparation of the Global Strategy-Phase Two

Following the endorsement of the Global Steering Committee in October 2017 and the United Nations Statistical Commission in March 2018, a new Task Team, chaired by PARIS21, was established to prepare an Action Plan for the Second Phase of the Global Strategy.

The first meeting of the second Task Team took place at the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on 2-3 June 2018. A drafting team was appointed and entrusted with the responsibility of preparing the Second Global Action Plan using an inclusive approach and a wide consultation of all stakeholders.

It was agreed that the Second Phase of the Global Strategy will build off the strengths and successes of the programme in Phase One, where a number of tools and innovative approaches in agricultural data collection, training and technical assistance have been developed.

It was also agreed the Action Plan will include suggestions for a simplified governance system as well as a new structure of implementation of the Second Global Action Plan. The proposed implementation plan will consist of distinct “modules” that can be developed independently, allowing funding partners to contribute at different times and at different levels of investment. This will allow for greater tractability in addressing the needs of a wide range of countries at different levels of statistical development and it will address the evolving needs of countries due to rapid changes in the development agendas at national, regional and international level.

The next Task Team meeting will take place 12 October 2018 and will report to the Global Executive Board. The final Second Global Action Plan is to be submitted and endorsed by the Global Steering Committee in November 2018.