In-depth Country Assessment 
of the National System for Renewable Natural Resources Statistics in Bhutan

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests of Bhutan is pleased to announce the issue of the In-depth Country Assessment Report (IdCA 2014). The IdCA report has an essential role as it provides a benchmark for developing Strategic Plans for Renewable Natural Resources Statistics (SP-RNRS) in Bhutan.

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The RNR statistical system has come a long way in terms of institutional settings, coverage and availability of data. However, the reliability, timeliness and adequacy of most data is still rather poor. To formulate good policies, effective data support systems are essential. Timely and reliable data and information help understand critical issues, design appropriate interventions and efficiently monitor programs and policies.

This IdCA report provides an insight into the problems encountered by RNR statistics in the country and pinpoints the inputs, processes and outputs necessary for bringing improvement. It is the result of intensive studies conducted using FAO’s standard methods of country assessment concerning agricultural and rural statistics. Slight modifications were however, integrated into the study to fit the specific context and address its needs.

This assessment report is intended to be used as a reference document by the RNR sector, other relevant government agencies and international community interested in the development of RNR statistics whilst preparing proposals and action plans.

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Thematic Domains: