Identifying Agricultural Statistics Technical Assistance (TA) Needs in African Countries

Following the 9th meeting of the Global Steering Committee where the implementing partners of the Global Strategy were requested to address country-driven TA needs in parallel to the development of the SPARS,  the African Development Bank conducted a survey in its regional member countries to identify priority areas.

This activity will serve to accelerate the implementation of new technologies and skills to  maximise project goals.

A questionnaire was administered to the countries, comprising 12 identified areas of TA, which can be executed in the short-term through the National Strategy Coordinators. In identifying the TA needs, the coordinators worked in close collaboration with the authorities of National Statistical Offices and Ministries of Agriculture as well as the related sub-sectors. Countries were requested to indicate three top priority areas that are relevant to the improvement of the statistical system, and which will in turn have a significant impact on the achievement of the Global Strategy objectives.

The TA needs survey received a significant response rate – 50 out of 54 countries (93%). Details and results of the survey are provided in the following report: “Identifying Technical Assistance needs for Agricultural Statistics in Africa”.