Global Strategy hosts two governance meetings: 8th Global Executive Board and 13th Global Steering Committee

The 8th meeting of the Global Executive Board (GEB) and the 13th meeting of the Global Steering Committee (GSC) were held in Rome on 8 February 2017.

The GEB members endorsed the 2017 annual regional workplans for Africa and Asia-Pacific, while the GSC members, during the 13th GSC meeting, endorsed the 2017 Global Office workplan, the allocation of funds for 2017 at global and regional levels, the proposal for strengthening the existing results framework and the set-up, working methods and reporting system of the Task Team responsible for preparing the second phase of the Global Strategy.

In addition, the GSC members endorsed the appointment of Dr Chuwa, Director General of Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics, as new member and Chair of the Global Executive Board. The GSC meeting concluded by providing information to members on the progress made towards the recommendations that emerged from the mid-term evaluation, the main changes in the integrated budget at global and regional levels that result from the no-cost extension of the programme until December 2018 and, finally, the new approach for the delivery of technical assistance in Africa.