Global Office works with Botswana to produce better livestock statistics

Livestock statistics appear as an area where many countries lack appropriate data collection methods, estimation strategies and effective methods for the compilation of indicators. In this context, the Global Strategy has developed two research lines: one related to livestock productivity and production, and the other one, to the enumeration of nomadic and semi-nomadic livestock. Guidelines, methodological reports and field tests were conducted and their results disseminated to assist countries in producing more accurate livestock statistics. The research activities of the Global Strategy include the provision of technical assistance in two target countries, namely, Botswana and Niger.

To this end, an inception mission was organized in Gaborone (Botswana) on 26-29 June 2017. The goals were as follows: i) carry out an inventory of technical assistance needs and assess the environment of livestock statistics in Botswana; ii) discuss with the stakeholders that produce or use livestock statistics data; iii) analyze how improvements can be combined with training and technical assistance on CAPI; and iv) finalize a technical assistance plan for the activities to be carried out.

To achieve these objectives, the Global Office team organized meetings with several stakeholders from the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security and Statistics Botswana.

As a result of the discussions, the Global Office  will provide assistance to  Botswana with the following activities: i) Technical training sessions; ii) Improvements and development of questionnaires and records on livestock; and iii) Fieldwork to be carried out using a CAPI version of the record book for subsistence farmers.