Final Conference of the Global Strategy: On the road to the Second Phase

The Global Strategy to improve Agricultural & Rural Statistics Final Conference was held on November 14-16, 2018 at FAO Headquarters in Rome, Italy.

The three-day conference experienced the participation from all over the world of experts, implementing partners, students and a group of possible new donors to financially contribute to the Second Phase of the Programme.

The main objective of the conference was to share the achieved results, lessons learned, good practices, main successes, shortcomings of the First Phase (2012-2018) and to introduce the Action Plan of the Second Phase.

The meeting presented six sessions covering: cost-effective methods; training programme; technical assistance programme; catalytic role of the Global Strategy; lessons learned from the First Phase; and the Second Phase of the Programme.

The Global Office was pleased to welcome all the invitees and to collaborate with them on the road to the Second Phase.