Expert meetings on Global Strategy research methodologies

On 5-8 September 2016, the Global Office conducted four validation meetings for research methodologies

that have been developed and tested on the following topics:

  • Measuring crop area and yield under mixed and continuous cropping (by IASRI, India)
  • Measuring crop area and yield for vegetable crops (by FAORAF, Ghana)
  • Improving and using Administrative Data in an Agricultural Statistics System (by Iowa State University (USA) and Makerere University (Uganda))
  • Reconciliation of censuses and surveys data (by FAORAF)

Validation meetings are an important final step in each research program to ensure that the results are rigorous, robust, and cost-effective.  Accordingly, lead investigators, country partners, and international experts on each topic were brought to Rome to discuss and validate the final results of the research programs including findings of the in-country field and desktop testing, and provide feedback on the methodologies. The comments received from participants will be incorporated into the final methodological reports.

Publication of the final methodological documents for all topics is expected in the first quarter of 2017. Training materials will then be developed and published mid-2017.