Development Partners pledge to support the Agricultural Statistical System in Tanzania

Tanzania has been one of the first countries to develop an Agriculture Statistics Strategic Plan (ASSP). Dialogue with stakeholders started in 2012 and the plan was developed in a participatory manner in 2013-14 with the support of FAO and USDA/NASS. Members of the National Team,  drawn from Agriculture Sector Lead Ministries,  worked together on the development of the plan.

The ASSP supports evidence-based policy making by defining the data needs required for national development initiatives. It  sets the key priorities to produce sustainable agricultural statistics and provides a road map for developing the Agriculture Statistics System over a timeframe of five years (2014/15 – 2018/19).

The ASSP played a key role in integrating and catalyzing initiatives with common objectives. It included a five-year budget, against which the Government of Tanzania could commit ca. 10% of the funds needed for 2015/16. Dialogue with development partners started prior to the approval of the Plan by the Government.

The National Bureau of Statistics, which is responsible for statistical coordination, implemented an outline of activities in the ASSP. This effort was carried out in collaboration with Agriculture Sector Lead Ministries and Development Partners led by FAO.  Partners (EU, WB) pledged to support the 2016 Census of Agriculture, develop an Annual Agricultural Sample Survey (USDA/NASS five-year-project), support the improvement of administrative data in the Agricultural Routine Data System (new 3-year JICA project), improve crop forecasting estimates (FAO) and finally, improve district level data necessary for decentralised policy planning (Irish Aid, FAO and soon the Swiss Cooperation). Domestic and external funds cover over half of the budget.