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Gaps and Methodological Approach: A Critical Analysis of Methods for Surveys of Fisheries and Aquaculture

In this technical report, the literature search is linked to the pilot project by identifying salient issues and gaps in surveys of fisheries and aquaculture. Also discussed in the report are ways in which various methods for conducting surveys of fisheries and aquaculture deal with different aspects of these challenges.


Agri-Environmental Statistics and Indicators: A Literature Review and Key Agri/Environmental Indicators

The objective of the research topic “SUST-3, Data Collection Methods for Agri-environmental Indicators” is to provide a framework for agricultural sustainability indicators and related statistical definitions, and measurements tools covering the economic, social and environmental dimensions.


How to Include the Woodfuel Supplementary Module into Existing Surveys and Derive Woodfuel Indicators

The goals of this Technical Report are to introduce a revised version of the short form and the long form of the WSM; to describe the proposed methodology to incorporate the WSM into existing surveys; and to describe the indicators of consumption and production of woodfuel that can be derived from the data collected.


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