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How to Include the Woodfuel Supplementary Module into Existing Surveys and Derive Woodfuel Indicators

The goals of this Technical Report are to introduce a revised version of the short form and the long form of the WSM; to describe the proposed methodology to incorporate the WSM into existing surveys; and to describe the indicators of consumption and production of woodfuel that can be derived from the data collected.


A Literature Review on Frameworks and Methods for Measuring and Monitoring Sustainable Agriculture

This Literature Review shows that agricultural sustainability has been understood largely in its environmental dimensions, that it is affected by socio-economic and biophysical conditions, and that obstacles to sustainable agriculture are different in different countries.


A Review of Literature Related to Master Sampling Frames for Fisheries and Aquaculture Surveys

This Technical Report reviews the literature related to the monitoring of characteristics of fisheries and anglers. It begins with an overview of why monitoring several dimensions of a fishery is important for the development of effective management plans, and considers aspects that might have particular relevance for developing and emerging economies.


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