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Guidelines on improving and using administrative data in agricultural statistics

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide operational guidance to developing countries on how to set up an effective Administrative Data System for Agricultural Statistics (ADSAS), as well as on the improvement, use and integration of administrative data in the national statistical system.

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Handbook on the Agricultural Integrated Survey (AGRIS)

The  AGRIS handbook presents the rationale of the system, focusing on the new needs and challenges in surveying farms in the 21st century. In this handbook, the link with SDGs is acknowledged, as the proposed AGRIS Generic Questionnaires will generate basic data for monitoring directly four SDG indicators and provide essential information for another 15 SDG indicators.

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Guidelines for the Enumeration of Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic (Transhumant) Livestock

These Guidelines are intended to be a reference document providing technical and operational guidance on various aspects of the Enumeration of Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic (Transhumant) Livestock in various country conditions, with particular attention being paid to developing countries.

Also available in: French


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