Building Partnerships with Specialized Institutions

Throughout 2014, the Global Office has placed great efforts on building partnerships within the framework of the Global Strategy. Three competitive selection processes were conducted to identify the best institutions to support the implementation of the research agenda.

As a result, the Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute (IASRI)was selected as the institution responsible for “developing methods for estimating crop areas, yields and production under different cropping conditions (pure stand, mix and continuous cropping)”. The activities commenced in December 2014 and a literature review has already been completed.

The research topic “Improvement and use of administrative data for agricultural statistics” is being jointly implemented by Iowa State University in the USA and Makerere University in Uganda. Both institutions have demonstrated a high level of commitment and capacity of collaboration and coordination of their work, and the complementarity of skills and capacities is one of the major elements of this success.  Two technical reports have been already produced: a literature review and a report describing the Role of Administrative Data in Developed Countries, including experiences and ongoing research.

The activities under the research topic “Improving methods for estimating livestock and livestock products” have recently started and will be implemented by the University of New England in Australia.

In addition, the partnership with the World Bank was further strengthened through a recent agreement that aims at providing on-going support to the work on Computer Assisted Personal Interviewer (CAPI) and at implementing the research topic “Improving methods for measuring food consumption”. Research on this topic is being undertaken under the guidance of the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on Agricultural and Rural Statistics (IAEG).