Better measuring agricultural cost of production in Zambia

Improving statistics on agricultural cost of production is one of the priorities of African countries, which requested assistance on this topic in several regional and international meetings.

As a response, the Global Office published Guidelines on the collection and compilation of agricultural cost of production statistics in 2016 and the African Development Bank organized two regional seminars the same year, where countries specified their technical assistance needs on this topic.

In order to kick-start country-specific activities, the Global Office organized a meeting with officers from Zambia’s Central Statistical Office, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries in Lusaka on 6-7 March 2017. The output of these discussions was a detailed technical assistance program on agricultural cost of production, to be implemented from April to September 2017.

Activities will include: improving Zambia’s agricultural survey in order to better measure agricultural costs of production, pilot-testing the new proposed survey modules and the delivery of a data compilation tool developed by the Global Office for Zambia to facilitate the compilation of indicators directly from survey data. At its request, the Global Office will also assist in expanding the country’s data collection on costs of production to additional crops, and in improving the coverage of livestock products.