12.3.1.a Food Loss Index to Tier II

FAO Statistics Division is pleased to announce that the Inter-Agency Expert Group on the Sustainable Development Goals has decided to up-grade its sub-indicator 12.3.1.a Food Loss Index to Tier II at its 8th meeting in November 2018.

A Tier II indicator means that countries now have an internationally accepted methodology for measuring and monitoring progress in “reducing food losses along production and supply chains (including postharvest losses) by 2030”.

This is a significant milestone to meeting the 2030 Agenda as one of the main challenges in measuring food losses has been due to a complete lack of guidelines for data collection. To this end, the Global Strategy and FAO Statistics Division collaborated to develop the Guidelines on the measurement of harvest and post-harvest losses in grains and pulses. It is envisioned that these guidelines will be a valued resource to improve policies impacting food systems and support investment decisions. The Guidelines are being expanded to measure the losses in fruits and vegetables, animal products, fish, and to other stages of the supply chain.

FAO and the Global Strategy to improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics are available to provide technical assistance to countries in measuring, monitoring and addressing food losses. The methodology, the results of the pilot studies, the data and an e-learning course will be rolled out in the next months as they are published.

A second sub-indicator to monitor Food Waste reduction in the final stages of the food chain under Sustainable Development Goals 12.3 is still being developed by UN Environment with FAO’s contribution.

Carola Fabi, Statistician and SDG indicator 12.3 focal point
Alicia English PhD, Consultant, FAO Statistics Division